About Us

Mango Buildcon has been constructively and consistently active in real estate field since last 5 years. It owns land in 10 villages and has over 150 acres of land deals to its credit. Mango Buildcon was founded in the year 2010. Today, the company has established very strong presence in Pune and has made its position as one of the leading company in the Real Estate Industry of Pune.
Mango Buildcon famous for their complete transparency. Our corporate philosophy has an approach to exceed rather than just fulfilling the expectations. We approach every venture with dedication and passion like it is our own. Our every venture has a strong economic viability in perfect harmony with class and aesthetics. And deep-rooted environmental concerns influence our planning and design. Our all projects have clear titles… When you purchase your plot, it's given to you with a detailed layout, demarcation, compound and even your name plate.

To fulfill the dream of our customer by redefining their lifestyle close to the nature.

Satisfaction to all our members with our friendly approach, fulfilling the commitments given, always ready to incorporate value added things to the project At the same time working towards the social reforms in the nearby villages.

Our Team
We treat our employees with respect and dignity. We believe the growth of the organization is dependent on the growth of our people. We have men of mission who can face challenging opportunities with finesse and purpose. They find independence openness to new ideas, efficiency in implementation and an enormous professional satisfaction.

Legal Department
We have our own legal department which taking care of all legal formalities related to projects, associates and clients. all legal activities such as working licensing , court matters , convincing procedures all other related tasks.
Adv. Mr. Pramod Pawar & Associates
Adv. Mr. Mangesh Hande & Associates

Architects & Planers
We have project wise different team and consultants. They are using best of technology and expertise in their field, helps in making our project more valuable to us and our clients.


Mango Buildcon, Pune's most respected home-makers, conducts its business with a vision that encompasses every aspect of construction. Beginning with a healthy respect for your aspirations to a quality lifestyle, we've gone on to make your dream acquisition a reality. Building the future is a matter of tradition with us. Mango Buildcon

For us, creating world class projects is an ongoing process. When you have a specific requirement, we have a designed solution. Firmly rooted in values of quality, trust, punctuality in delivery and commitment, we are rapidly moving ahead, delighting customers at every stage.

As we have our own properties in different location around western side of city. we have holding a lot of land bank nearby city. Our successes leads by our management teams view of leading the organization into the future by building on fundamental strength and adhering to its standards of excellence. Our strong pillar of organization.

Mango BUILDCON Partners

Mr. Veejay Zagade ( Managing Director )
Mr. Aaba Gaikawad
Mr. Ganesh Raut.
Mr. Somnath Ghule.