Mango Spring-Plots with area of 10000 Sq. Ft.

Green Home – An Abode in the Midst of Nature
100% Agricultural Land .Nature always gives unconditionally. But in return what we give is pollution in various forms. Isn’t it our responsibility to preserve and nurture what we get from nature? It is with this realization that we are implementing the idea of ‘Green Home’. At Mango Buildcon we have a legacy which involves this notion that implementation any good thought should start from yourself. We all have been experiencing the side effects of concretization. Therefore we will be creating eco-friendly ready homes for all the plot owners here. This will ensure that every minute spent here by the plot owners will be amid natural surroundings. We are sure that you would fall in with love these homes created with the help of German technology!

Forest Plantation for the First Time Ever
Whenever we go for trekking or make a trip to a hill station we soak in the beauty of the rustic natural surroundings there. At the same time however, we are apprehensive about the different surroundings and the place. And we miss out on enjoying nature in all its glory and miracles. That is why we are implementing an idea - ‘ Forest Designing’. Spread across several acres, the nature of this forest is controlled on one hand and haphazard, rustic on the other. It will be full of lovely wild flowers and lush greenery as well. A lot of trees are planned to be planted here. They will be properly nurtured and taken care of. Naturally, various species of birds too will be seen here as a result. Your journey through deep woods, listening to the melody created by these birds is sure to make your life beautiful.

  • Very Close to Historical forts like Torana & Rajgad
  • Plots with area of 10,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Fencing with Gate and Name Plate.
  • 30 Mango Trees & 20 Other Trees in each plot.
  • Provision of Dripper & Sprinkler in each plot.
  • Plantation of Trees by Agricultural Experts & Maintenance by Company
  • Designer Forest Plantation
  • 100% Chemical Free Plantation
  • Your Own Green Home (Optional)
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